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We love magic tricks, ALL magic tricks. We don't specialize in one aspect of magic because a magician should be able to find all the magic supplies needed in one easy & convenient place.. here.

Magic Tricks for Plays

Our clients have had great success using the magic props on this page for plays, shows and all types of stage productions & presentations.

All the tricks in this list state the level of practice required. All can be done by beginners.

Why buy from Abracadabra? Low prices & if needed, we offer FREE phone assistance by professional magicians - for ALL tricks purchased from us. Feel free to call us before your purchase if you need help deciding on the best props for your show.

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FUN PRODUCTS: Grab the audience's attention with these great items!
RACCOON PUPPET $19.95 - THEY'LL SWEAR IT'S ALIVE! Eats out of your hand while wagging it's tail & moving it's head! Scoots up your chest! Great comedy potential. An incredibly versatile prop.
ADULT COLLAPSIBLE TOP HAT $49.99 - Show the top hat flat then the top hat INSTANTLY springs open for you to place on your head. Also available in Child & XL.
SECRET HAND FLASHER $9.99 - Our wind-up sparking ring allows you to make a shower of sparks come from nowhere! No batteries, just wind it up and flash away!
FIRE FROM FINGERS $14.97 - You enter the stage & make a gesture with your hand, instantly there is a brilliant flash of fire. You show that your hand is empty. The audience is now convinced that they are in for a visual treat from an exceptional stage performance!

SCARF TRICKS: Make scarves appear, disappear, and change colors with these tricks!
MAKE ANYTHING VANISH $19.98 - Bare Hand instantaneous vanish for scarves and other small objects - very quick & startling. No skill required. Requires a few hours practice and any jacket.
MAGICIAN'S THUMBTIP WITH BOOK $9.95 - Make scarves disappear - A little practice required
LIGHTNING SILK PRODUCTION $19.95 - Magically produce multiple silk scarves.

FIRE TRICKS: Specific tricks to be performed only by adults & recommended for theatre use, due to skill & safety.
CANDLE FLAME THRU SILK $19.95 - Only 1-2 hours practice required.

CANDLE OF SHANGRA-LA $19.95 - Only a little practice required.
DELUXE CANDLE TO FLOWERS $29.95 - Self working.
FLOWER TRAY PRODUCTION $39.95 - Large, so great for stage. Very visual & self working.

FIRE AND PRODUCTION HAT $79.95 - Easiest of all. Only a little practice required.

APPEARING TRICKS: Quick & flashy crowd pleasers.
APPEARING FLOWERS - Note the feather flower bouquets require sleeves. The other flower bouquet productions can be produced from a pocket, or most any object that they fit into. You can also make an instaneous production barehand or from a cloth if wearing sleeves.
SILVER LIGHTNING APPEARING CANE $89.97 - Only 1-2 hours practice required.
PLASTIC APPEARING CANE $39.95 - Only 1-2 hours practice required.
MAGIC WAND TO FORMAL CANE $19.95 - Self working

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We love magic tricks, ALL magic tricks. We don't specialize in one aspect of magic because we feel magic is limitless and a magician should be able to find all the magic supplies they need in one easy and convenient place... here. We are growing. Watch for lots of exciting changes in the near future to better serve you, the magic community. We've got a lot of new magic tricks up our sleeve.
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