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Find AWESOME magic tricks in our magic shop: David Blaine street magic, stage magic tricks, card tricks, learn to levitate, coin tricks .... from all over the world in our online magic shop!

We specialize in easy to do magic tricks for beginners!

Shop through our site and find out why David Copperfield and other famous magicians bought their magic supplies and illusions from Abracadabra Magic. Click here for illusion
#1: Levitation and
#2: Perfect Penetration Illusion
that David Copperfield performed on TV and AMAZED millions! Learn their secrets. YOU can EASILY do both of these tricks!

Why has Abracadabra grown to be the Worlds' Largest Magic Trick Supply Co with OVER 110,000 customers?
Unlike many others, our strict criteria means we select only 1 or 2 magic tricks out of every 10 we review. ALL magic tricks must be easy to do, do exactly what our descriptions state, and instructions for each of our magic tricks must be clear and easy to follow.

Abracadabra is one of the OLDEST, MOST ESTABLISHED magic shops, magic trick manufacturers and distributors in the WORLD having been established in 1966! We are a proud member for OVER 35 YEARS of the MAGIC DEALERS ASSOCIATION. We GUARANTEE each trick's description is EXACTLY what your audiences will see when you follow our easy secret instructions which we supply with each magic trick. Why risk buying your magic from anyone else?

FREE MAGIC TRICKS: That's right! Many of our magic tricks have a special offer where you buy 2 of that trick and get a
3rd magic trick FREE!

ONLY from Abracadabra Magic - LIFETIME FREE TECH SUPPORT from pro magicians! If you need any assistance, just give us a call!

Learn the art of magic, it's a great hobby and so much FUN! Disappear objects, self levitate, teach yourself sleight of hand from our huge selection of magic books and videos which reveal many previously guarded secrets. If you like to perform at a moment's notice, anytime, anywhere, check out these categories: David Blaine street magic,card tricks (trick decks too!),
coin magic, or closeup magic. If you like to perform
from a distance, click here: Stage Magic Tricks.

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