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We love magic tricks, ALL magic tricks. We don't specialize in one aspect of magic because a magician should be able to find all the magic supplies needed in one easy & convenient place.. here.

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Magic Tricks for Ages 6 to Adult


Just wave your Magic Wand in the air and PRESTO! A beautiful flower appears!

So easy - you'll be performing this almost as soon as you get it!

  • A full 11 inches including 1 inch white tip at both ends
  • LARGE & COLORFUL 14 inch diameter silk flower
  • Complete with instructions

Perfect for clowns, children's performers & kids 6 and up.



THE man with the X-RAY EYES! Yes, that's YOU when you have our COLOR VISION MIRACLE!

The magician shows a 1 1/2" square plastic box with a lid and a plastic block that has a different colored spot on each of its six sides. A spectator places the block into the box with his chosen color uppermost and covers the box with the lid. The box is handed to the magician behind his back. The magician turns around, simply touches the closed box to his forehead, and IMMEDIATELY NAMES THE CHOSEN COLOR!

The effect is self-contained, VERY EASY TO DO, can be repeated immediately, and everything can be examined, without anyone being the wiser! It comes complete with instructions and ready to use in a nice four color box.



Blooms - Vanishes - Reappears & Transforms! Make this part of your routine!! You display a pretty green stem. Now opening a folded fan (or using your hand), you fan the stem causing a small red bud to appear at the top. The bud gradually blooms into a FULL SIZE FLOWER! The flower is removed by your left hand. Left hand is now shown to be empty...and with a tossing motion, the flower INSTANTLY appears back on the stem! This can be repeated again and again! For a finale, as the red flower is removed, it INSTANTLY CHANGES TO A 12" red scarf! Complete with everything necessary excluding fan. We priced this EXTRA LOW so all our customers can own this pretty trick. And it's EASY TO DO!


Check out our COLOR CHANGING BLOOMING FLOWER, on this page Buy both of these tricks and we'll take $2.00 off! (Offer can not be combined with any other discount.)


5 IN 1 MIRACLE MAGIC WAND - A039 - 0.00

You can perform 5 tricks with our amazing wand!

Use as a regular wand then:

  • Rises In Your Hand!
  • Scarf Appears In Thin Air!
  • Jumps Out Of Your Hand!

We supply a nice 14" wand, black with white tips. One of our most popular tricks. Easy to do. Instructions included for 5 tricks.

Buy 2, Receive 3rd FREE!

Making a scarf appear using this wand is one of the strongest tricks you'll perform with this wand. Our special pure silk scarves compress well, instantly expand & are available on this page.



An incredible magic coloring book that will amaze everyone!

You show pages all blank. Then black & white pictures magically appear! Then pictures become magically colored! Large 8 x 10 size perfect for parlor or stage. Works by itself!

Create a TERRIFIC routine by combining this with our COLOR CHANGING SILK STREAMER, which you'll find on this page along with our suggested routine.


CUPS & BALLS - STANDARD - A224 - 6.99

One of the most loved effects in the history of magic is the cups and balls.

Every magician learns this effect, which dates back to time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. These cups are great if you are new to magic. Or maybe you need to learn the basics before you buy the $1000 sterling silver cup version!

Beginners to professionals have used cups like these to learn and perform the Cups and Balls effect and NOW YOU CAN TOO! This is not the three-shell game but an advanced feat of magic! Balls APPEAR, DISAPPEAR and TRANSFORM under these cups.  Hundreds of books and DVD's have been produced just for this classic of magic.

The basic effect described is just the beginning of what this set amazingly can do without sleight of hand.

Basic Effect:  Three stacked cups are shown to be solid and empty. There are no trap doors or gimmicks of any kind.  Three beautiful red crocheted balls (colors may vary) are displayed in front of the cups.  One ball is placed on the center cup and covered with the other 2 cups.  Give the cups a tap and the stack is lifted to find the ball has MELTED through the cups and landed on the table!  They will not believe it so you do it again.  You lay out all the cups covering the ball in the center and put one cup on it and then a ball and then a cup.  Now you tap TWO times and when the stack is lifted, THE SECOND BALL HAS PENETRATED THE CUPS to join the ball on the table.

WOW - solid through solid WITHOUT sleight of hand!  But that's not all.  You repeat it with the third ball penetrating the cups again! 

There are many more magic things you can do with the cups and balls:

Advanced Effects: With just a little practice you place one ball in your pocket and it reappears under the cup!  You can vanish one ball in your bare hand and have it reappear in the cup. You can have the balls appear at the cup of their choice and even transform the balls into small eggs or fruit. (Anything that you can fit in the cup will work!)

  • Specially designed cups are UNGIMMICKED and may be handed out for examination
  • LARGER than other plastic sets and unlike competitors - we add a rubber compound to make each cup resistant to breakage!
  • Each cup measures 2.5" tall and 2" in diameter
  • We include really NICE soft BRIGHTLY COLORED fluffy balls will not roll off the table or hand. (Not plain, cheap white balls like others include)
  • Instructions for the basic effect included.  For the advanced effects see one of our great books or DVDs on the cups and balls
  • Nicely boxed




Pocket Magic at its finest! Vanish or transform a pencil right in their hands!

You'll be proud to own this well made piece of magic. Now you have THE effect that is ready to perform when asked to do a trick!

You show a beautiful color anodized brass tube with polished ends and red matte finish normally reserved for the finest pens.  (Colors may vary). The tube is 100% empty.  Show a pencil - IT REALLY WRITES, and drop it into the tube.  Cap the tube and give it to your volunteer to hold.

With a magic pass, the VOLUNTEER removes the cap and finds the pencil has VANISHED. They can examine the tube but will find nothing!

BUT that's not all - Instead of vanishing the pencil, you can transform & shrink it to a different color pencil (supplied) OR how about making the pencil change to confetti, salt, sand or sawdust? (Magic termites)

  • Easy to do
  • Tube measures approximately 6" long.
  • Polished brass cap and tube end with an elegant matte red finish is joy to hold in your hand. Others sell uncoated brass, which is much harder to keep clean.
  • Supplied with tube, two pencils, brass cap, instructions and more!

There is nothing better than magic that takes place in their hands!




You show two chips which are white with black centers on both sides.

You explain that if two colors are mixed, a new color is produced, like yellow & blue make green or red & yellow make orange. But what if two of the same color are mixed? Of course they would make the same color.

Except when magic is involved!

You stack the two identical chips together. Now the magic begins! When you separate the chips, one has become red & the other blue!

Again you stack the chips. When you separate them, one is now yellow & the other green!

  • Easy to do
  • Everything can be examined
  • Carry it in your pocket & do it anytime




They will hold onto their wallets when they see your skill at this version of the 3 Card Monte!

Better known as the old street game called "Find the Card". Now in JUMBO size so you can perform this fun routine closeup or from a distance.

This looks so straightforward and clean that it must be magic.  Show three very large playing cards in a fan, both front and back.  The middle card is a different color than the two outer cards.  Lets say our middle card is a queen of hearts.  All they have to do is remember where the Queen is in the fan. They will win if they can find the queen. (The prize is up to you.)

SLOWLY and SMOOTHLY, WITHOUT TRICKY MOVES, the fan is turned over and a volunteer is asked to remove the red queen.  The audience all knows it is the center card so it removed by the volunteer.

You turn the two remaining cards over and show that indeed you have the two black cards and no others.

So this means they won the game right? This is where the magic comes into play and where they will hold onto their wallets.  The suspense is built; you can even double the bet. They are so sure they're holding the queen.  But when they turn the card over it is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CARD!! WOW! The queen has vanished and different card has taken its place. The magic has happened IN THEIR OWN HANDS!

  • No special skills required.
  • Easy to do
  • 3 Jumbo cards measure 4.25" x 6.75"
  • No rough and smooth cards.
  • Note: Card values may not match picture. Each set you order may vary.
  • Packs small, plays BIG!


The Double Color Changing Scarves is incredibly visual and incredibly easy to do!

CLICK the PLAY button to watch a live demonstration

If you're looking for quick audience amazement with almost no practice , this is the trick for YOU!

It's a beautiful effect that's a favorite with closeup and stage magicians worldwide!

Our current video online features our UMSI Metalica fabric. We are currently shipping our synthetic silk version which is lower in price then the Metalica fabric.

The Double Color Changing Scarves is incredibly visual and incredibly easy to do!

If you're looking for quick audience amazement with almost no practice , this is the trick for YOU!

It's a beautiful effect that's a favorite with closeup and stage magicians worldwide!

Our current video online features our UMSI Metalica fabric.

Here is the EFFECT:

GREEN & YELLOW scarves are displayed knotted together and shown freely on all sides. In plain sight, they instantly change to RED & BLUE, and then back to GREEN & YELLOW again!! (Note colors may vary). May be repeated as often as desired.

Ideal for magicians, clowns and MC's. It�s a perfect quick trick.

As there is no setup, the effect may be repeated as often as desired.

This fools adults, yet so easy anyone from 3 to 103 will have FUN with this!! (10 inch size only)

Please note, the current version is of slightly different construction and colors may vary. The effect to your audience is the same.

SPECIAL: Buy 2, Receive a 3rd FREE!


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