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CLOSE-UP CARD MAGIC - B080 - 29.95

Learn some of the greatest card tricks ever, straight from the legend himself

Wanna learn card tricks? Then you have to get this book. It's 272 pages full of astounding effects, routines, ideas from the legendary Harry Lorayne and some of his friends & some of the best minds in the history of Magic: Vernon, Carlyle, Garcia, Elmsley & many others.

Here is just a sample of some of the secrets you will learn in this book

  • Hindu Shuffle
  • Faro Shuffle
  • Jog Shuffle
  • Double-Lift Palm
  • Lorayne's Ambitious Card Routine
  • Out Of This Universe
  • Lost And Found Aces
  • Lazy Man's Card Trick through The Table
  • The Turnover Change
  • Spirit Writes
  • Stop
  • Impossibility
  • Quinella
  • No Looking
  • In The Side Pocket
  • This Is Mind-Reading?
  • The Apex Ace
  • Vernon's Aces

plus many, many more!

Effective card tricks you will do immediately, unique card tricks with which you will amaze your audience. Learn the secrets from the masters themselves! All revealed in this easy to read, hard cover DELUXE EDITION. This may be one of the most important books in card magic written by one of the all time greats

In my top 3 card magic books ever written. If you love unique card magic, this is a must have.


PSYCHIC FORCES - B081 - 9.95

This is really good!

Please do not reveal the contents of this manuscript to anyone as this effect is being performed by many well known magicians.

You can do this UNBELIEVABLE trick EASILY!!

You shuffle an ordinary deck of cards, which can be borrowed, & cut the pack into 4 or 5 sections & hand them out to spectators for more shuffling.

When the shuffling is complete a spectator gathers the shuffled sections together and reassembles the pack. This done the spectator deals himself 8 cards face down.

The performer is nowhere near the cards.

The spectator fans the cards towards himself. Emphasizing again that the cards were shuffled by the audience members themselves YOU proceed to name one at a time ALL 8 CARDS THAT THE SPECTATOR IS HOLDING!
  • After handing out the cards, you positively do NOT touch them again
  • No cards added or removed from the deck, secretly or otherwise
  • Use a regular deck (your own or a borrowed pack - both methods explained in our manuscript)
  • No stooges
  • The cards are genuinely shuffled
  • No palming
  • No special skill needed
  • Easy to do


This book is an encyclopedia of tricks with a "reel," that tiny little device that makes possible some of the smartest, most beautiful and mystifying effects in the entire category of the magician's art. The author reveals the secret of his famous "Serpent Silk" wherein a silk handkerchief twisted rope fashion, is tied with a knot at its center, held by one free end in full view. The lower end of the silk is seen to slowly rise like the head of a serpent. This "head" slowly moves on up and through the knot thus untying it before your very eyes! Among the twenty five effects described: Penetration Effects wherein a hanky held by both ends, in full view, seemingly passes right through a wand, a person's arm or other solid objects; Knot Effects; Color Changes with Silks; Visible Self-tying Silk; The Dancing Hanky; effects with cards, cigarettes, bills, etc. includes Spalding's Penetration Book. Beautifully printed, 83 pages with 66 illustrations. This is a book every magician should possess.


Money & Magic! With this book, even novices can astound friends and relatives with amazing feats requiring little more than common coins & paper currency. This how-to book features an impressive array of 92 simple to do tricks sure to dazzle any audience! Pluck endless numbers of coins from mid air, make a coin penetrate a table top & perform psychic tricks with coins & bills. Even "Bunco Bills", which takes the audience behind the scenes to expose the methods of the short change artist. No previous experience is necessary as almost all can be mastered in a short time. 148 pgs 251 illustrations.

CHEMICAL MAGIC - B089 - 19.95

Chemical Magic Miracles! This is the most complete book ever written on the subject. It provides new effects & approaches for the pro or amateur magician. Plus, this stuff is FUN! Tricks include: Wine to Water/Water to Wine/Pouring Red, Blue, & Gold from the SAME PITCHER/ Water to Milk/Milk to Ink/Water to Beer/Chemical "Ice"/ Disappearing Whiskey/ Magic Writing Paper/GhostTricks/Colored Flash Papers/ Colored Fire/ Fire over a HUNDRED MORE! All easy to do using easy to find chemicals. 164 pgs.


Keep mischievous kids interested and entertained! If you do magic for kids you cannot afford to be without this remarkable work by that well-known professional, Bert Easley. Even if you've been doing magic for kids all your life, there are valuable instructions, pointers, rules, hints and vital information in this work that are worth $1000.00 to anyone who entertains kids. Tricks that are all tested material as used by Bert in his own shows, but far more important are his detailed instructions on HOW TO MANAGE AND KEEP MISCHIEVOUS KIDS INTERESTED AND ENTERTAINED! Bonus section: Conjuring for children, by British performer, Eric Wilson. 122 pgs illustrated.B071 - A BARGAIN AT $11.99

MYSTIC GIMMICK & BOOK - E010 - 14.99

This Secret Gimmick Allows You To Perform Miracles! Now revealed! Little known gimmick used for years by world famous mindreaders. Enables you to read the minds of your audience. You always make your predictions in advance, yet you correctly predict their age, change in their pocket, their mother's name, telephone number, etc. or predict the number of heads & tails that will be thrown from a dozen coins at random from the audience! Hundreds of uses! We include 4 reusable gimmicks, worth $24.00 plus the book that explains how to do it all, a total $29.99 value, for less than half price! A tremendous bargain.


You can do it! Tells you exactly how to hypnotize any volunteer from an audience of complete strangers.

It also tells you how to make use of hypnotism for entertainment value and medical uses.

You'll learn how to give demonstrations, comedy stunts, awakenings, etc. 34 pages.



Highly Recommended! Explains proper care & use of Flash Paper. Plus over 100 phenomenal tips & tricks with cigarettes, fire, money, cards, matches, silks, balls, flowers, gags, plus much more! For flash products, see related items below.


An amazing, fun collection of mathematical magic! An amazing, fun collection of mathematical magic! Why do card tricks work? How can magicians do astonishing feats of mathematics mentally? Why do stage "mind-reading" tricks work? Written by one of the foremost experts on mathematical magic & the first study of this fascinating subject. Loaded with new tricks, insights, demonstrations. Read how dozens of manipulation tricks are aligned with mathematical law - very interesting! Non-technical & clearly detailed, this book contains 115 sections discussing tricks with cards, dice, coins, handkerchiefs, cards, plus more; geometrical vanishing effects; demonstrations with pure numbers; & dozens of other topics. You will learn how Sam Loyd could make a Chinaman vanish from a printed card; how a Curry square can "prove" that the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts! No skill is needed to perform the more than 500 tricks described. Mathematics guarantees their success; they work for anyone. 135 illustrations 174 pgs.

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